Configuration of 2D Camera with Mech Mind DLK Software

How to configure 2D camera with Mech Mind’s DLK Software ?
How to configure third party 2D camera with Mech Vision software ?
‘Capture picture from Camera’ is not triggering

Please give a detailed reply of this question.

In Mech-DLK, you don’t need to configure the camera, instead, you only need to import the image dataset into the software to train a model. Please find detailed instructions at Train you first model documentation (step 3 in training process).
In Mech-Vision, instead of using the “Capture image from camera” Step, you can use the “Camera 2D” Step to connect to a third-party 2D camera. For instructions and configurations for this Step, please see Camera 2D.

In Mech-Vision, There is no Step such as “Camera 2D”
What can we do now ?

Is there any term like ‘Import Camera parameters’ to connect a 3rd Party 2D Camera in Select Camera option in “Capture Image from Camera” in Mech-Vision?

Can you show me the screenshot of searching for the Camera 2D Step in Mech-Vision? Maybe you didn’t unfold the results completely.

Sorry, I was using the Mech Vision Software of 2023, I didn’t update the Mech Vision.
I got the “Camera 2D” Step in Latest Mech Vision Software. And I got the result in defect segmentation in using DLK File.