How may I find the camera lens position and radius in real life?

How may I find the camera lens position in real life using Mech-Eye SDK or MechMind software? My idea is to use Mech-Mind camera to be mounted above cobot/robot and create a radius in order to simulate a virtual safety fence.

  • The cobot speed will move slower as the human enters the area projected by camera.
  • This is one example from the internet that is used for inspiration:
  • Another example video of the idea:

You can mount the camera using the EIH method, and move the last joint of the robot to place the camera at several image capturing positions. Then, use the FOV calculator in Mech-Eye Viewer to calculate the FOV height and width at each position. The sum of the field of view for all image capturing positions is the overall radius of the camera. For instructions on using FOV calculator, please refer to FOV Calculator documentation.

Or use the online tool here: