Problems with segmetating overlapping metal plates

Please try the following parameter tuning:

The output is as follows:

I changed the parameters and they worked for that specific setup. But then this morning I changed the setup of the parts again and the same happened:
First, the grid disappeared and therefore I had to adjust the parameters for that specific setup.
Second, the ‘bridges’ keep appearing. I did three runs and I registered the data in a zip file so you could also check (link wetransfer). On the first and second everything worked fine (so no ‘bridges’) on the third, they appeared again. I can safely say that in 10 runs, the bridges appear every 2/3.
Finally, I did another two setups and I felt that I had to keep changing the parameters to get a good segmentation.

Note: I added RGB thresholding to improve the quality of the segmentation.

Miguel, could you provide us with 10 different sets of image data (depth map + color image) so that we can have a comprehensive analysis? Please ensure that the 2D parameters of these images have been adjusted so that the 2D images are neither overexposed nor underexposed.

Hey Huan.
No problem! You can find in the first folder the parameters I used. In this case only the 13th picture has the bug so the first 12 are good. Also, they were taken with a 5 seconds difference each so they are very similiar to each other. Finally, the MM program I sent is a copy of what I have been using. There is a python file missing which is responsable for the RGB thresholding. The rest is the same.
Also I have the issue with the ‘grid’ in some of the parts. They get removed by the point filter.

Well received with the files, we will investigate them as soon as possible and get back to you.

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Miguel, we found that in your case, using edge matching mode can lead to better results, as shown below:

If you use the 2D color image information for assistance, you can obtain even clearer edges:

To utilize the 2D color image information, you can first extract edge information from the color image and then merge it with the edge point cloud. My colleague created the steps for extracting and merging based on your project file, please find them in the file below. (4.9 KB)

Let us know if this can help solve your problem.


At first glance, this seems the fix we were looking for. Nevertheless, we will test more thoroughly in the next couple days and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

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Sure, feel free to contact us if further help is needed.