What is usually the step before the Map to Multiple Pickpoints step?

in the step library, the Map to Multiple Pickpoints step is usually before and after which step in mechanical vision.

This Step is for getting the pick points of objects after the poses of objects have been calculated (if the poses themselves should not be set as the pick points).

For example, if the pose of a rod is defined as the pose in its center but the robot is supposed to pick from either of its ends, then you should use this Step after the poses of the rods are calculated.

  • Therefore, preceeding this Step should be the Steps to calculate poses, like 3D matching Steps, deep learning Steps, and if necessary, pose adjusting Step “Adjust Poses V2”.

  • Succeeding the Step is usually the Step to output the calculation result from Mech-Vision: “Procedure Out”.

Details in the docs: