Machine vision and robot path planning software Mech-Vision & Mech-Viz 1.8.0 released. The new production interface will bring you a more convenient and efficient operation experience

Mech-Vision 1.8.0 Highlights

  • Brand new production interface: A brand new production interface equipped with a configuration wizard and intuitive user interface, facilitating the efficient operation of the operators.
  • Intuitive pose adjustment tool: The new pose adjustment tool offers visualized experience and reduced learning costs.
  • Practical error analysis tool: When accuracy issues, such as those related to camera accuracy, robot absolute accuracy, and robot repeatability, occur in recognition and positioning, you can use this tool to troubleshoot problems.
  • Generate Adapter programs rapidly: By configuring TCP/IP commands for communication between external devices and the vision system, you can easily generate Adapter programs.
  • Accelerated 3D matching Steps: The speed of the 3D matching Steps has improved significantly, ranging from 5% to 70%, with an average of about 40%.
  • New “3D Matching and Classification (Multiple Models)” Step: With the new version of the multi-model matching Step, you can match and classify individual objects in the scene, obtaining object poses and classification labels.

Mech-Viz 1.8.0 Highlights

  • New File page: More intuitive and convenient file page, with well-built example projects to help you explore software features and application scenarios.
  • Resolved robot Z-offset issue: Addresses inconsistencies between some robots and the software regarding the Z-value of tool poses.
  • Upgraded robot model library: Download over 1000 robot models. Fast entrance for giving feedbacks
  • New Master-Control robot configuration window: Configuring Master-Control communication in Mech-Viz makes it easy to set up and establish communication with robot.
  • Smarter “Adaptive Relative Move” Step: For depalletizing, automatically adjust held box lifting height by vision result.
  • Easy-to-read plan history: The plan history was reorganized with enhanced readability, and a new planned path reproduction feature helps you easily locate the exact cause of an error.

Download the latest-version Mech-Vision & Mech-Viz here

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