Step "Instance Segmentation" in Mech-Vision 1.7.4 doesn't Work

As shown and marked in Green in the Screenshot below, it seems that the Instance Segmentation which is trained by Mech-DLK 1.4.0 or earlier is no longer supported anymore. What I was using is exactly a model trained by Mech-DLK 1.4.0 or earlier, but I am not sure about the version, but the format of the DL model is pth.

I think it is better to confirm this compatibility, if the Instance Segmentation trained by old versions of Mech-DLK is no longer supported, the help info in the screenshot should be changed.

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This Instance Segmentation Step will be officially removed from Mech-Vision starting from version 1.8.0, so it will no longer be available to users.

Also, since the Instance Segmentation Step which is compatible with Mech-DLK version 1.4.0 has been outdated for quite some time, we will not provide any quick conversion or upgrade methods for this Step. If you need to upgrade this Step, you need to train a new model using Mech-DLK. For detailed information on compatibilities of Instance Segmentation Step or other deep learning Steps, please refer to Compatibilities of Deep Learning Steps.

Please note that Steps in Mech-Vision with a yellow exclamation mark preceding their names are steps that are no longer maintained.