Dust Protection Design: Camera Protective Cover

In the project site, when the dust concentration reaches a certain range (lower limit 20-60mg/m3, upper limit 2-6kg/m3), if there is a heat source or open flame on the site, the dust will quickly undergo a chemical reaction and release a large amount of heat, resulting in a dust explosion, which has a strong destructive power.

Therefore, in scenarios where the camera is used in environments with a lot of dust, we need to add a protective cover for the camera, as shown in the figure below.


Please note the following requirements when using a camera protective cover:

  • Shell: The shell needs to be welded with Q235 steel plates with a thickness of 10mm-20mm.

  • Bottom Material: To prevent interference with image capturing, the bottom of the cover should be made of transparent material. It is generally recommended to use ordinary tempered glasses with a thickness of 8 mm.

  • Cable ports: Cable ports should be specially designed. The following image is a specific example: