Can not change Procedure name in Vision 1.7.4

I found out that if the name for the procedure in Mech Vision ended with “_” + a number (like _1, _2 or _3), Vision will only use the number as the name of the procedure.


Currently, when editing the name of a step or a procedure in Mech-Vision, if you enter a combination of “text + underscore + number”, only the “number” will be displayed in the project step. To retain the full naming information, please avoid using the combination of “underscore + number”.

If possible, we’d like to know any further concerns you may have about the need for using underscores in naming, such as how it affects your Mech-Vision projects, etc., so that we can optimize this feature accordingly. Thanks!

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Thank you for the Information that’s not a fatal problem, only give this feedback to let our team know and maybe in the next few Version we can optimize this.