Common Questions on Camera Maintenance

Camera Body Stain Cleaning

Industrial cameras and their accessories may accumulate stains over time or be affected by the industrial environment during daily use. Because cameras are precision instruments, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to ensure stable operation.

  • What should I do if dust adheres to the camera body?

    • If the camera body surface is contaminated with dirt or dust, you can try using an air blower to blow off the dust. If the stains are stubborn, you can use a dust-free cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of lens cleaner to wipe them clean.
    • During regular use, you can periodically clean the dust and stains on the camera surface to prevent dust from entering the interior and causing abnormalities.
  • Do I need to wipe the lens every day?

    • Daily maintenance of industrial lenses does not necessarily require daily wiping. When you notice dust, you can gently blow off surface dust. If you encounter large areas of stains, you can use a lens cloth to gently wipe them.
    • When wiping with a lens cloth, it is important to hold the lens by the edges, minimizing finger contact or pressure on the lens surface to avoid creating smudges.
    • When the camera is not in use, store it in a consistently humid and moisture-resistant environment to prevent lens mold caused by damp conditions.
    • In addition to implementing these protective cleaning measures, it is crucial to adhere to the maintenance tips for cameras and their accessories.

Camera Installation Tips

Installation tips:

  • When installing the camera, pay attention to the 2D and 3D drawings of the camera. Fix firmly based on the camera’s positioning holes.
  • Pay careful attention to the rotation of the screws to avoid forceful installation.
  • Keep the camera away from strong magnetic field environments as much as possible.
  • Keep the camera away from heat sources whenever possible.

Note: When you receive the camera, be sure to read the user manual carefully (hardware manuals from download center, and online user manual).

Daily maintenance tips for cameras and accessories:

  • Before using the camera, consult the product manual for recommended operating conditions. Choose suitable working temperatures and humidity levels, and try to avoid high temperatures and humidity.
  • Handle the camera gently during use.
  • Without professional guidance, do not disassemble industrial cameras and their accessories casually, and avoid touching their internal parts to prevent damage.
  • When transporting the camera, pack it according to the factory’s packaging method or use packaging materials of equivalent quality.

Camera Cable Usage Precautions

  • For ETH projects: Check the stability of the connection at both ends of the camera cable. If instability is found, reinsert the cable and secure it again.
  • For EIH projects: If the cable is routed from the robot cable package, in addition to checking the connection at both ends of the cable, inspect the cable for bends, twists, or wear based on the condition of the cable package. If any issues are identified, promptly replace the cable.