Notes for Customer-Supplied Compressed Gas

Notes for customer-supplied compressed gas are listed below:

  1. Dry, clean, and oil-free: To ensure the normal operation of the system and the lifespan of pneumatic components, compressed gas should be treated to be dry, clean, and free from oil contamination. This can be achieved by using suitable filters and dryers. Additionally, the compressed gas should not contain organic solvents, salts, or corrosive gases.

  2. Gas pressure: The operating pressure of compressed gas should be between 0.6 MPa and 0.8 MPa, and pressure fluctuations should be controlled within a range of less than 10%. This can be achieved by using appropriate pressure-regulating valves and stabilizing devices.

  3. Temperature and humidity: The temperature of compressed gas should be between -5°C and 70°C. When the temperature drops below 5°C, moisture removal is necessary to prevent freezing or other issues. Additionally, the relative humidity should be controlled below 80% to avoid excessive humidity affecting the system.

  4. Gas flow: Ensure an ample flow of compressed gas according to the selected pneumatic components and actual requirements. This can be achieved by designing the system rationally and selecting compressors of appropriate specifications.

In summary, for the use of compressed gas, dryness, cleanliness, and oil-free conditions are crucial requirements. Additionally, please ensure pressure stability, temperature control, and humidity control. Ensuring an adequate gas flow is essential to meet the system’s demands.