Support of CodeSys and CodeSys-based PLCs


CodeSys-based PLCs (Wago, Festo, Lenze, some Schneider PLCs, some Eaton, Beckhoff) have some popularity in Germany & Europe. Are they supported / going to be supported for communication with Mech-Mind System?

CodeSys is used to develop PLC systems, and CodeSys-based PLCs are a type of PLC developed by some PLC brands.

Whether a PLC of a certain brand or a model can communicate with Mech-Mind Software Suite depends on what communication protocols the PLC supports, such as TCP Socket, Modbus TCP, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, etc.

If the PLC supports any of the protocols mentioned above, it is possible for the PLC to communicate with Mech-Mind Software Suite through Standard Interface or Adapter.

Please refer to the following user manual links for more information:

  • For brands of PLCs supporting Standard Interface communication, see Standard Interface Communication.
    If the brand of your PLC is not included here, please provide detailed information of your PLC, such as the model or the user manual of it, since relevant information is difficult to find in China. Thank you.
  • For details on the Adapter communication, see user manual
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