Complete Point Cloud with Anomalies: Point Cloud Distortion (Non-Periodic Fluctuations) Caused by Surrounding Interference

1 Problem

The point cloud exhibits fluctuations, with the fluctuation positions following the contours of surrounding interference, as shown in the image below.

2D flash image:

Point cloud:

2 Analysis

  1. Observing the flash image, the reflection of two columns are visible within the red circles.

  2. Examining the point cloud, the fluctuating positions of the point cloud contour appear as the reflections.

  3. Although the object is not a reflective surface, it still has the ability to produce reflections. Based on the observations above, it can be deduced that the interference of the reflection from surrounding square columns is causing the issue with the object.

3 Solutions

  1. The most effective method to deal with the surrounding interference is to eliminate the interference. In the current scenario, it involves covering the surrounding columns.
  2. Grind the surrounding columns to transform them from pure specular reflection to diffuse reflection, which can also help avoid this issue.

For differences between specular reflection and diffuse reflection, please refer to:
Different types of reflection: Diffuse reflection, specular reflection, and the multipath effect