Complete Point Cloud with Anomalies: Point Cloud Fluctuations (Global Periodic Waves) Induced by Lighting Effects


Wave-like stripes, spanning globally and perpendicular to the camera’s baseline direction, can be observed in the point cloud.

Scrrenshot of point cloud:

Problem Analysis

  1. This type of global point cloud fluctuation commonly occurs in exhibition halls or workspaces with LED light sources positioned overhead, with the lights effectively covering the entire scene.
  2. The wave-like stripes span globally and exhibit uniform fluctuations.
  3. The primary issue arises from the environmental impact of lighting, necessitating the implementation of corresponding anti-flicker functionality.


Select “Expert” for “Visibility”, go to “3D Parameters” → “Anti-Flicker Mode”, and select AC50 Hz or AC60Hz according to specific situation.
(If you do not see the above parameters on the interface, it is because you do not have admin access. Please contact technical support)


Difference between 50Hz and 60Hz

Region PRO/NANO Other Cameras
50Hz AC Power: Europe “Anti-Flicker Mode”-“AC50Hz” 3D exposure set at multiples of 10ms
60Hz AC Power: United States, South Korea, etc. “Anti-Flicker Mode”-“AC60Hz” 3D exposure set at multiples of 8.3ms

2. Choose the corresponding anti-flicker mode based on the actual on-site situation