Complete Point Cloud with Anomalies: Point Cloud Fluctuations Caused by Overexposure (Periodic Waves)

Point cloud fluctuation caused by overexposure


Left: point cloud image;
Right: 2D flash image



  1. The fluctuations observed in the current position occur in the overexposed area, where the image is completely white, with an overall grayscale value of 255.
  2. Although there is no vacant spots of data in this overexposed area, anomalies still occur. The point cloud exhibits fluctuation.
  3. The overexposure in this area may be due to excessively strong ambient light and excessively high 3D exposure parameter values in the settings.

The flash image can be used to determine specific details of overexposure or underexposure in 3D exposure values. For more information, please see Adjust camera exposure: Check if a 2D or 3D image is overexposed or underexposed by Mech-Eye Viewer or third-party software.


For point cloud fluctuations caused by overexposure or underexposure, adjust the 3D exposure values accordingly or adjust the projection brightness of the projector or laser device if possible.