Does adjusting the picking relaxation in Mech-Viz affect the picking accuracy?

For bin picking projects, if we adjust the picking relaxation in Workobject Configuration as shown below, will it have an impact on the picking accuracy? Should the picking relaxation be set higher for projects that require higher picking accuracy?

Picking relaxation is a tolerance based on the pick point, which enables the tool mounted on the robot flange to rotate around the workobject frame to make picking attempts from different angles.

Since the tool rotates within certain degrees during the picking and placing of workobjects, the tool pose changes accordingly. Moreover, the picking relaxation is a configuration in Mech-Viz, not Mech-Vision, which makes it impossible to check the picking accuracy of the tool with a picking relaxation. Therefore, the picking relaxation has an impact on the picking accuracy. For projects with high accuracy demands, it is advisable to avoid setting the picking relaxation.

For more information on the picking relaxation, see Picking Relaxation.