UR robot planned and executed path do not match

Software: 1.7.4
Robot: UR 5E
Camera: Pro S (ETH)

I am using an SPS to call Mech-Viz for path planning, the SPS then sends the planned path to the robot.
My problem is that when I receive the waypoints of Mech-Viz as TCP coordinates the objects can be accurately picked, but sometimes the path that the robot plans and the path that was planned in Mech-Viz do not match which leads to collisions of the robot with its surroundings.
I tried to change receiving the waypoints as JPS from Mech-Viz and now the robot does not collide but also cannot pick the objects anymore since it lost accuracy. It goes to a point 5mm next to the object.
How can I achieve a reliable and accurate path for picking the objects?

  1. The issue might be due to different robot pose solutions of the TCP value.
  2. Please test the TCP first, as it collied, which causing errors. You previously mentioned the original TCP was accurate. Can you confirm if it is still accurate now?
  3. If the simulation is accurate but the real execution is not, check the precision of the robot and its zero-position.