Customer facing 2D image capture delay with UHP in SDK project

In the Mech-Eye sensor integration test, the customer encountered the following issue:

The RGB data returned by the captureColorMap or capturePointXYZBGRMap methods represents the values from the previous sensor scan.

In fact, regardless of the duration of the wait time between two captures, what we obtain is always the RGB image from the previous scan (while XYZ data does not have this issue).

Relevant info:

  • Scenario example: The first capture is on an empty platform; after placing a pen on the platform, a second capture was performed.
  • Software: SDK 2.1.0 with C# API.
  • Settings: Default configuration from the attached configuration file.
  • Code used:


UAM30233A423E002_parameter_group.json (11.4 KB)

The issue you reported involves a discrepancy between the real-time status and the 2D image obtained using the captureColorMap interface.

After importing the JSON file you provided into Mech-Eye Viewer, we see that you have set the “Exposure Mode” in the 2D parameters to “Flash” — in this mode, 2D images are obtained from the generated 3D data.

Therefore, without obtaining 3D images, the 2D images are not updated, causing a discrepancy between the obtained 2D images and the real-time status.

Solution: Set the “Exposure Mode” in the 2D parameters to “Timed,” or obtain 2D images after acquiring 3D images.