Yaskawa (YRC1000 controller) fails to connect via Standard Interface

Robot: Yaskawa PL80; YRC1000 controller (Standard Interface); MotoPlus and Ethernet functions are enabled
Software version: 1.7.1

When the program executes
the program waits for byte99 to reset to 0 and does not continue.
In Mech-Center the client also does not show that it gets online.
I can ping the robot and the IP address of robot and IPC are in the same subnet and have the same subnet mask.
I tried LAN2 and LAN3 on robot side but both lead to the same error.
How can I resolve this issue?

It’s network issue.

  1. check firewall, turn it off
  2. check if the Interface service is switched on in Mech-Center, and the port is set to 50000 as well.
  3. if you’re using a router, please try direct connection.
  4. check if other motorplus installed. Go to motorplus file list, delete all others, and reboot controller.