Summary of Solutions for TM Robot Master Control Issues

Possible reasons for TM robot master control connection failure:

  1. Robot program is not running (corresponding robot port 5890 is not open).
  2. Robot Ethernet Slave function is not enabled (corresponding robot port 5891 is not open).
  3. All three robot network ports are not set to fixed IP addresses.

Steps to handle master control connection failure:

  1. If there is a failure in connecting to the robot from the center, after starting the robot-side program, use telnet commands or network assistant as a client to attempt connection to robot ports 5890 and 5891. Check if these two ports on the robot are open and functioning properly;
  • If port 5890 cannot be connected, check if the robot-side program is running;
  • If port 5891 cannot be connected, verify if the Ethernet Slave on the robot is enabled, or try restarting the robot.
  1. There are three network ports on TM robot’s control cabinet; it is recommended to use the LAN port.

For some control cabinets, there might be slight variations. If it is observed that even after restarting the robot, port 5891 cannot be connected, please make the Ethernet cable sequentially connected to the other two ports on the robot. In the robot’s teach pendant, click on ‘system->network’ and set fixed IP addresses for these two ports. Do not use automatic IP assignment.