FANUC Robot Calibration Error: OS-144 System Error 5,11 at 10460c6c and Unreachability

Situation: Calibrating with a FANUC robot with additional 7-th axis using Standard Interface

Robot model and controller version:
Robot model: FANUC
Controller version: V9.3

Possible reasons:
The calibration parameters are incorrectly configured, or there might be an issue with the additional axis configuration of the robot.

Steps to follow:
When calibrating a seven-axis FANUC robot using the standard interface, ensure the following two conditions:

  1. The robot’s additional seventh axis should be configured as the third item, “Auxiliary Linear Axis,” and set to a non-coupled state.
  2. In the MM_CALIB function, change the robot axis count to 7 and input the E1 axis value of the calibration starting position.

Mitigation measures: