Guide for Implementing Background Operation in FANUC Robot Standard Interface Program


Steps to Run the Program in the Background:

  1. Create a Background Program: Create a robot program specifically for running in the background. Write the code within the program to trigger camera capture and handle data retrieval. A sample program is provided below.

  2. Modify Background Program Properties: Select the program and access the detail page (by clicking on “Detail” at the bottom of the screen). Under the background program’s properties, change all entries for “4. Group Mask” to “*”, indicating that this program does not occupy any motion group. Set “6. Ignore Pause” to “ON”, indicating that this program will ignore external pause signals.

  3. Create the Main Program: Create and write a program based on the actual application workflow. The diagram below shows an example of a main program. In the main program, the “RUN” command is used to launch the background program as a subtask. Subsequently, background image capture can be triggered based on specific conditions (in this example, a flag variable is used as a trigger for capturing images). The “RUN” command only initiates the execution of the background program and does not interrupt the main program’s execution.

Note: One important consideration in writing the main program is to ensure that the entire background process of capturing images and retrieving results has been completed before evaluating whether there are vision results.