Methods of describing camera accuracy

Two questions:
Question 1: For the PRO M camera, does the VDI/VDE in the camera specifications include Z-axis accuracy? Or is it only for XY-axis, with Z-axis accuracy represented by Z repeatability?
Question 2: Is there any mention of VDI/VDE for line scan cameras?

Question 1:
The accuracy standard represented by VDI for the PRO M camera signifies the camera’s absolute accuracy. It measures the difference between the camera’s measurement values and the true values using standard measuring tools. This standard also includes Z-axis measurement accuracy. However, Z-axis repeatability indicates the consistency and repeatability of measurements on the Z-axis. It represents the fluctuation range, depicting the stability of the camera’s multiple measurements.

Question 2:
For line scan cameras, there is no mention of VDI/VDE, and we mainly focuse on the linearity and repeatability of the Z-axis.

Does the line scan of LMI have the parameter VDI? Can you please help me verify this?

Regarding LMI products, there are both line scan and area scan structured light products. Specifically, for area scan structured light products, they are comparable to our UHP cameras and do indeed have the VDI parameter. This parameter is not applicable to line scan lasers. Therefore, when mentioning this parameter, it should be in reference to area scan structured light cameras.