Will there be delay issue with 12 IPCs connected to one PLC?

Some customers’ on-site requirements are to use a PLC, simultaneously communicating with 12 cameras and 12 IPCs. There will definitely be situations where data is sent and received at the same time. At this moment, will there be a delay impact on PLC communication?

Hello, please provide the specific brand and model of the PLC? Also, what kind of interface communication is chosen for the vision system?

The PLC is AB PLC, and the vision communication is through the standard Ethernet interface.

If for one IPC, only one camera is connected, data can be sent and received simultaneously.

Whether it can meet the quantity of 12 units depends on the specific model of the PLC’s CPU.

There is a detailed specification regarding the maximum number of EtherNet/IP device nodes (this number needs to be accumulated with other non-vision EtherNet/IP devices).

If the actual usage quantity is less than the maximum node count, communication delay may not be a concern. However, it is advisable to reserve some margin when selecting the CPU. For example, using the CompactLogix 5370 controller:

  1. Manual

  2. Studio 5000 software

Additionally, please note: EtherNet/IP standard interface does not support a scenario where one IPC communicates with ≥2 cameras simultaneously, capturing images and exchanging data at the same time.