Adapter startup error: no attribute “vision_project_names_in_center”

The error symptoms are as shown in the following image:

The reason is:
In version 1.7.0, the method for obtaining project IDs has changed from self.vision_project_names_in_center() to self.get_vision_projects_id_by_grpc(). Additionally, the data type returned by the method has also changed:

self.vision_project_names_in_center() returns a list, for example: ["vision_name1", "vision_name3"].
self.get_vision_projects_id_by_grpc() returns a dictionary, for example: {1: "vision_name1", 3: "vision_name3"}.

Processing steps:
You need to adjust the way you retrieve project IDs from your adapter as follows:

From the original retrieval method:

vision_names_list = self.vision_project_names_in_center()
vision_name = vision_names_list[0]

To be adjusted to:

vision_names_dict = self.get_vision_projects_id_by_grpc() 
vision_name = vision_names_dict[1]