Issues in point cloud stitching

Camera Mounting Style: EIH
Issue Description: The point cloud stitched using this method does not match the actual distances. I am using virtual camera images. Is there an issue with the setup process?

  1. When acquiring the point cloud, ensure that the relative position between the workpiece and the robot remains unchanged, and collect point clouds from multiple positions.
  2. During point cloud registration, it is necessary to transform the point cloud to the robot’s coordinate system.
  3. Merge the two point clouds using the “Merge Data” step and then proceed with the “Merge Point Clouds” step.

When using “Merge Data,” I encounter an error, and “Unpack and Merge Data” doesn’t work either. Is there a dimension that hasn’t been set correctly?

It can be observed that there is a difference in the data between the output port of the “Transform Point Clouds” step and the input port of the “Merge Data” step, indicated by square brackets [ ]. In the “Merge Data” step, you can adjust the parameters below to change the dimension.