Mech-Eye Viewer of latest version is unable to connect the camera in old firmware version

Software version: Mech-Eye Viewer 2.1.0

Camera and firmware version: LSR L, 2.0.1

Issue description:

  • Mech-Eye Viewer 2.1.0 is unable to scan the camera (firmware version 2.0.1). However, Mech-Vision can successfully scan and connect to the camera to campture images.
  • Mech-Eye Viewer 2.0.1 (which matches the camera hardware version) can scan and connect to the camera.
  • In this case, it appears that the firmware cannot be upgraded to use Mech-Eye Viewer of the latest version (2.1.0).

  1. For the issue ‘Mech-Vision can connect normally, but Mech-Eye Viewer cannot display,’ it might be a firewall whitelist problem. Refer to the following link for details.

  2. For the issue the ‘Mech-Eye Viewer cannot detect the camera’, please also refer to the following link.