Why does Mech-Center only show 1 camera connected. In fact I have 2 cameras

(1) Software Version: 1.7.4
(2) Camera Mounting: EIH (mounted on the robot arm) × 2 cameras
(3) Issue: Mech-Vision successfully stitches the point cloud from TWO cameras. However, only 1 camera shows as “connected” in Mech-Center.

Just to confirm my understanding of your question

a. The solution involves using 2 cameras to stitch the point cloud. The first camera and the second camera have different IP addresses, both of which show as connected.
b. In Mech-Vision, there are 2 projects, A and B. Both Project A and Project B will trigger 2 cameras.


  1. The camera shown in Mech-Center is sent by Mech-Vision, rather than connecting directly to the camera.
  2. Currently, one Mech-Vision project can only send one camera IP address to Mech-Center.
  3. The issue is caused by the two factors mentioned above, resulting in Mech-Center showing only 1 IP address, while Mech-Vision has 2.

Future improvements

In next version (1.8), the operator interface (in Mech-Vision) will show all cameras connected in the project.

Temporary solution

To temporarity solve this issue, we can swap the camera master-slave sequence of project B.

  • For Project A, maintain the current camera sequence.
  • For Project B, change the sequence of cameras included in this project.