Mech-Vision Multi-Project Simultaneous Trigger

Mech-Vision version: 1.7.1
I need to trigger and run multiple vision projects simultaneously.
Currently, using TCP/IP communication, when triggering multiple projects simultaneously, only after the previous project completes its processing, can the others be triggered to run.

Simultaneously triggering multiple vision projects is currently not supported.

  1. If you are using standard-interface communication, you can use “mm_start_vis” to start multiple projects one by one and then receive the visual processing results corresponding to each project.
  2. If you are using Adapter communication, since it involves custom communication code development, it is possible to achieve simultaneous triggering of multiple projects by implementing multi-threading within the Adapter. This programming task can be quite complex; if you have a project requiring this functionality, please contact MechMind technical support.

Are there programming examples for triggering multiple projects simultaneously? (3.7 KB)

The file provided is an external Adapter file.

If you are developing a common Adapter, you can copy and rewrite the “async_get_vision_callback” and “get_async_data” functions from the file. Then, use “async_call_vision_run” in the places where you need to trigger projects