Visual recognition: determining if there are labels on cartons

When it comes to visual recognition to determine if there are barcode labels on cartons, what would be the best approach?

Mech-Vision: 1.7.2
Mech-Viz: 1.7.2
Mech-Eye Viewer: 2.1.0
Camera: Deep

  1. It is recommended to separately add a 2D camera to the back end for recognition. You can employ deep learning or use grayscale images for segmentation. This will enhance the stability of label paper recognition.
  2. If you are using a Mech-Eye DEEP camera for visual locating of the cartons and determining the presence of labels, you can perform recognition after identifying the cartons. Utilize deep learning or grayscale image segmentation for this purpose. A similar project using deep learning: (8.2 KB)
  3. When using a Mech-Eye DEEP camera for visual locating of cartons to determine label presence, there are some risks involved, such as unstable ambient lighting, the camera’s image-capturing position being too high, or the label paper being too small. These factors can reduce the stability of label recognition.