In a reflective-walled deep bin, a tilted camera may have blind spots. How can I prevent point cloud gaps in the bin's contents?

Can this situation be solved by adding an extra camera? If the site does not allow for a two-camera solution, what is the best way to ensure a good point cloud?

The problem is caused by multiple reflections, where the projected light shining on the inner wall of the bin is reflected back to the workpieces inside the bin. Try the following solutions:

  1. Elevate the camera while ensure the workpieces are still in the working range, thus increasomg the distance from the camera to the bin in the Zc direction, so that the angle of incidence of the light projected by the camera onto the bin wall is increased, and the area on the workpiece affected by the reflection from the bin wall is reduced.

  2. Move the bin or the camera to find a position where the bin wall reflection is not too severe.

  3. Physically shield the bin wall from reflections, such as by covering it with a cloth to create a diffuse reflection.