Communication configuration workflow for unsupported robot brands/models

  1. You can refer to the Mech-Mind standard interface development manual on TCP/IP command explanations and write the robot program based on the communication protocol content of the standard interface: [TCP/IP Interface Commands)

  2. For writing the robot program, you can refer to the robot’s manual.

  3. Note: For adding a new robot brand in software Mech-Vision and setting the standard interface calibration and communication required Euler angle types, refer to Add standard interface calibration for the new robot brand and set the corresponding Euler angle convention (For V1.7.x)

  4. If restricted by the robot side’s TCP/IP communication format, you can use other standard interface types. For instance, the Mech-Mind vision system can first communicate with the Siemens PLC standard interface, and then the Siemens PLC communicates with the robot.

  5. If none of the standard interface types are supported on-site, custom communication is needed. Define the communication protocol between the vision system and robot side, use the adapter generator in Mech-Center to generate a custom communication adapter. If the generator is insufficient, contact Mech-Mind technical staff for support.

Are there any robot brands(models/ versions) in particular that have limitations with their TCP/IP communication and would require a PLC as the middleman for standard interface communication?

TCP/IP communication is quite a popular function. So far, we don’t meet any robot who cannot support TCPIP socket except Hyundai robot using UDP protocol.