How is the Point Cloud normal being calculated in MechVision?


I am interested to know more about MechVision software when using the Calc Normals of Point Cloud and Filter It, if the CloudXYZToCloudNormal option is selected,

  1. How is the normal being generated? Because we cannot adjust the parameters. Is it via the radius of neighbor points or number of ‘k’ nearest neighbour?

  2. I also noticed that when using Read Point Cloud V2 , the original point cloud’s point count was 313,921, but after it entered the Calc Normals of Point Cloud and Filter It, the point count increased to 627,842.

— Read Point Cloud V2 —

—Calc Normals of Point Cloud and Filter It—

Thank you.

  1. It automatically generates a default normal vector (0, 0, -1), removed some information to increase computation speed, so the parameters cannot be altered.
  2. The displayed point cloud count includes deleted point clouds, and it automatically removes point clouds below 0.1. If you want to see the actual point cloud count, you can check the information inside the output stream (double-click the output arrow).

Ok @YiGao. Thank you for the explanation.