How to communicate with PROFACE PLC?

The customer is using a PROFACE PLC and the model is PFXLM4301TADAC. We couldn’t find any information in the documentation center regarding the support for this model. Could you please confirm if this model supports standard interface communication?

If not, should we consider developing a standard interface for communication in the future? What information do we need to collect from the customer for this purpose? What would be the development process on our end?

  1. Whether standard interfaces are supported depends on whether the other party’s Ethernet communication protocol can be integrated with ours. Please refer to: Communication Mode Selection.

  2. The PROFACE PFXLM4301TADAC belongs to the LT4000M Series, which is an HMI+Control combination product. The model is equipped with only one simplified Ethernet interface. (Specifically, whether this interface supports universal TCP Socket or Modbus TCP protocol is not documented; you may ask the customer for official information on communication protocols.).
    This model’s primary use is for touch screens, communicating with lower-level PLCs or robots by various custom interfaces.

  3. First, clarify the doubts mentioned in points 1 and 2 above. Then, consider factors such as usage frequency, quantity, and whether the other party’s communication protocol supports integration with that of our visual software before deciding whether to develop a standard interface for this product.