Camera Stand Material Selection

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Saw this reference and guide in the older MechMind documentation, was wondering why it’s not present in the newer versions.

I would like to know more regarding the recommended steel hollow section 100 x 100 x 8mm, it seems rather heavy and thick at first glance, almost excessive just to hold a camera.

So would like to learn of anybody’s experience in more detail in implementing projects using thinner materials (e.g. Galvanised Mild steel 80 x 80 x 2mm) and maybe under what condition thinner/lighter materials is fine, if at all?

Note: I have tried 4040 aluminium profiles for internal lab testings and demonstrations and they seem rather fine for the most part. The reason for this topic is to juggle between material cost, installation cost and camera stability.

Hi Rene, my colleague is editing the answer, please wait a moment.

Considering various adverse scenarios, to advance the project smoothly, we generally recommend solutions that can adapt to all scenarios.

Camera brackets with thin material are prone to shaking. We need to comprehensively consider the structure of the camera bracket, the way the bracket is fixed, and its size.

If the camera installation position is close to the ceiling and the ceiling is sturdy, you can use the setup shown in the following picture.

At this time, you can consider using thin material.


If the camera bracket has many fixing points, the overall rigidity of the camera bracket will be better, it will not be easily shaken, and thus you can consider using thin materials.


Generally, as L and H decrease, the material can be less thick.


As shown in the picture below, generally H is greater than 3200mm, and L is greater than 1200mm.
For this scenario, considering the vibrations caused by the on-site robot movement and other factors (such as pedestrians, other vibrating equipment), it is recommended to choose 100 x 100 x 8mm.


Firstly, this information in the old docs is outdated and may not apply now. Secondly, the information about camera stand material selection is part of the workstation design. We are planning to provide design reference documents for typical projects (which inlcude the camera stand design) and but they are not ready yet. Once ready, they will be published on the Community.

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Okay noted. This is helpful insight. Appreciate it.