Adjust camera parameters to mitigate point cloud fluctuation

When adjusting the camera parameters, I noticed significant fluctuations in the point cloud. I’d like to inquire whether multiple camera exposures can alleviate these point cloud fluctuations. Are there any recommended settings?

A single high exposure can lead to overexposure and result in point cloud fluctuations. Would adding a low exposure after a high one help mitigate these fluctuations, especially when imaging black objects? Are there any recommended exposure parameters for such situations?

I’ve configured three exposures (2ms, 4ms, 20ms). Does the point cloud quality primarily depend on the initial 2ms exposure?

Additionally, will adjusting the contrast threshold affect the capture time, and when should one consider adjusting the contrast threshold?

Multiple exposures follow a first-come, first-served principle. In other words, for a part in the scene, if the low exposure captures the point cloud adequately, then the high exposure point cloud will not be used. Generally, high exposure tends to yield better point cloud quality. So, the sequence should prioritise high exposure, followed by the next highest, and then the lowest. Because of this first-come, first-served principle, the high exposure is more likely to produce less fluctuation.

Adjusting the contrast threshold typically has minimal impact on capture time. This is because the overall capture threshold is part of the point cloud post-processing, resulting in minimal to no effect on capture time.