‘Generate Path from Contour’ works un-stable


I have already read this document and I know how to use this 'step’. However, due to unstable environmental lighting and random variations in the object’s pose, the point cloud of the object sometimes has missing data, resulting in different generated trajectories. What should I do?

Hello, would it be possible to provide a few images for illustration? This would greatly aid our understanding.

The ‘Generate Path from Contour’ heavily relies on the point cloud, which inherently has some level of randomness. This can result in variations in the starting point of the generated path or deviations from the ideal path.

In this case, we suggest that you consider using the “Generate Path from Contour” as a tool for path teaching, rather than relying solely on it for generating the path. When creating a matching template, incorporate the path as a pickpoint.

For the same type of object, use “3D matching” to obtain the object’s pose, and then utilize “Map to Multiple Pick Points” to generate its trajectory (which refers to the pickpoints mentioned earlier). This would be a more reliable approach.