Generated path from software planning doesn’t match the actual robot movement path

The robot is communicating through Standard-Interface and receiving six robot poses after planning from Mech-Viz. The robot collided with the bin while executing this path.

According to the simulation results, the path planned by Mech-Viz does not result in a collision with the bin.
I suspect that the robot is executing a different action than what was planned.
How should I troubleshoot this issue?

Please first confirm that the pose sent by the center is exactly the same as the pose received by the robot.
If they are completely identical, it is likely an inverse kinematics problem for the robot.

When the vision system sends robot poses to the robot through the Standard Interface, it does not include the robot’s joint configuration. This can result in multiple joint solutions for a TCP pose.

For example, in Fanuc industrial robots, you can view the joint configuration for a corresponding pose in the position register. You can update it by using the teach the pose or making manual modifications.

You can try teaching the pose along the path to see if there are significant differences in the joint configuration.

Another approach is to drag a “fixed-point move” into Mech-Viz and experiment with different joint solutions. This “fixed-point move” can be connected with other waypoints to simulate together.
By following these steps, you can identify which pose on the path is causing the issue.