When synchronizing joint angles between the UR robot and VIZ, there is a discrepancy in the TCP

After synchronizing joint angles between the UR robot and VIZ, when switching to display TCP, there is a discrepancy between VIZ and the teach pendant, provided that the tool settings are consistent.

  1. First, you need to confirm whether the robot in Mech-Viz is of the same model as the actual robot.

  2. Verify whether the DH parameters for this robot in Mech-Viz software match those of the actual robot.

  3. On the teach pendant, check if the robot’s tool pose is set to the base frame when viewing it.

Actually,this issue has always existed because as a collaborative robot, the UR robot does not have high dimensional consistency, that is, each UR has independent DH parameters. However, Mech-Viz uses default DH values. Therefore, for the same joint angle data, the calculated flange position values are different.

If the above difference is small, it is recommended to ignore it.

If the difference is significant, it is recommended to obtain its DH parameters from the robot system and update them in Mech-Viz.