Tangled workpiece picking method

In bin-picking applications with shaft-like workpieces, in many cases the objects are going to tangle with each other. Even if we are able to match and locate the object, how do we ensure that it is the highes one in the bin without any tangling?

If you can ensure accurate matching, there are several methods to remove overlapping situations:

  1. Use the “remove overlapped objects V2” step: This step is designed to detect overlapping point clouds and remove the overlapped points. However, when dealing with objects like steel rods, the overlapping areas might have fewer points, so the step’s parameters need to be set quite strictly.

  2. Use pose sorting: Sort the workpiece poses from high to low. Typically, for objects like steel rods, the grasping point is set at the center of the workpiece. After sorting, there should be minimal overlapping. However, this method might not entirely eliminate slight overlapping on one side of the workpiece.

It’s recommended to combine both of these methods to maximize the avoidance of grasping overlapped workpieces. If complete avoidance is not possible, and you must strictly grasp the topmost workpiece, consider changing the way the materials are supplied. For example, you can add a positioning device inside the bin to arrange the workpieces systematically.