The "Merge Data" step is encountering an error

The “Merge Data” step encounters an error and doesn’t continue running when one of the inputs is empty.

Please make sure that the “Continue Given No Output” option is checked in the “Merge Data” step.

I’ve tried this. But the output is still empty. If i have three inputs; and input 2 is empty, I would like the output to be the merging of input 1 and 3. How do i achieve this?

ohh can disregard this. I found my problem wasn’t at this step, but the preceding steps where I need to tick this ‘continue when no output’

Hello, which step are you using?

I think you should check continue Given No Output for previous step which is Input 2 on your application,

If you still have problem, please let me know.

Yes. you are correct, it’s the previous steps where I needed to check this ’ Continue given no output’

Thanks for letting us know.

I will conclude the problem you meet before and post it on Q&A.