Question regarding Camera reference frame and Robot reference frame in step "3D ROI"

When try to check and set 3D ROI in Mech-Vision, the camera reference frame is as same as robot reference frame in the 3D space?

Is it possible to adjust robot frame? And why two frame origin is the same?

Moreover, the point cloud in 3D ROI step is upside down, what is the reason caused this problem?

Hello, the corrected version is below:

The camera reference frame is not the same as the robot reference frame in Mech-Vision.

The reason it appears to be the same is that the default camera extrinsic parameter is [0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0] (transfer matrix) before camera calibration. This makes the camera reference frame align with the robot reference frame visually. After calibration, the point cloud will be displayed based on the robot reference frame.

Furthermore, adjusting the robot reference frame is not permitted in Mech-Vision.