Updated version of Mech Vision doesn't have machine tending non-planar application

I recently update Mech Center/ Mech Vision/ Mech Viz from 1.6 to 1.7.1. What I noticed is that Mech Vision doesn’t have Machine Tending small non planar pieces application in Create From Solution Library, that I had in 1.6 version. I tried to download all application, however, still I don’t the machine tending application. How can I get machine tending applications in 1.7.4 version, because machine tending had most of the steps that we require.

In Mech-Vision version 1.7.4, the categorization method for typical application projects has changed. Now, specific object types are used as classification criteria. Could you please provide more project information? This way, I can recommend which type of typical project might be suitable for your use case.

Thank you for the response. I need the similar application that I had in 1.6.1 Machine Tending nonplanar objects. I am picking clips from bin, which are non-planar small objects.

For Mech-Vision 1.7.4 you can try “general workpiece recognition” solution.