Installation tips when two cameras capture the same bin (for enlarging FOV)


For disorderly stacked small workpieces with high reflectivity and demanding precision requirements, it is recommended to use the PRO series camera.

Due to the limited field of view of the camera, in many situations, two cameras need to work together to capture images of workpieces in a single bin.

In some scenarios, for the two 3D cameras, point cloud fusion or stitching methods are just not used.

Instead, each camera is individually calibrated. They alternate in capturing images and performing the workpiece picking tasks.


  1. The overlapping section of the fields of view of the two cameras must be larger than the maximum size of a single workpiece.
  2. After completing picking the workpieces through the above process, to ensure that no workpieces are left in the bin, it is a common practice to let the two cameras capture images at the same time and perform point cloud stitching (splicing) to check if there are any workpieces left unpicked in the bin.