Explanation of Common Mech-Center Logs

Below are common log prints:

The Mech-Center part

1. Start center options: [‘hide’]

Explanation: Represents starting Mech-Center and hiding by default.

2. Unregister service: {‘name’: ‘XXX’, ‘function’: ‘unregisterService’}

Explanation: Unregisters the XXX service from the HUB.

3. Register service: {‘type’: ‘XXX’, ‘name’: ‘XXX’, ‘port’: 63147, ‘other_info’: None, ‘function’: ‘registerService’, ‘ip’: ‘’}

Explanation: Registers a service with type XXX and name XXX to the HUB, with IP address and port 63147.

4. Successfully called showMainWindow by Mech-Vision.

Explanation: The Mech-Vision interface has been displayed successfully.

5. Forward to “Mech-Vision” with message: {‘function’: ‘getAppStatus’} and Successfully called getAppStatus by Mech-Vision.

Explanation: Mech-Center has successfully obtained the status of the Mech-Vision software.

6. Forward to “Mech-Viz” with message: {‘function’: ‘exit’}

Explanation: The Mech-Viz software has been exited.

7、Register service: {‘function’: ‘registerService’, ‘name’: ‘Multiple_Partitions’, ‘other_info’: {‘camera_ip’: ‘’, ‘depthInBase’: [-0.3574014051239349, -1.1748301843202296, 1.6350318456753572, -0.007368484537166228, 0.9998509242696076, -0.01560956777439749, -0.00041960306654213926], ‘is_eye_in_hand’: False, ‘type’: ‘MechEye’}, ‘port’: 63212, ‘type’: ‘vision3d’, ‘ip’: ‘’}

Explanation: Register a project with the name “Multiple_Partitions” along with some parameters.

The Mech-Vision part

1. Forward to “vision_watcher_interface” with message: {‘function’: ‘posesFound’, xxxxxxx}

Explanation: The vision monitor “vision_watcher_interface” forwards returned data using the method “posesFound.”
Parameters corresponding to the function:

  • posesFound: Data obtained after the completion of the Mech-Vision project.
  • posesPlanned: Results after “Vision Move” planning in Mech-Viz.
  • multiPickCombination: Planning for multi-pick in “Vision Move” by Mech-Viz.

The Mech-Viz part

1. moveXs: {‘function’: ‘moveXs’, xxx}

Explanation: After completing the path planning, Mech-Viz sends the planned waypoints to Mech-Center as specific data.

2. wait_viz_result: Mech-Viz, {‘simulate’: False, ‘project_dir’: ‘xxxx’, ‘wait_for’: ‘Finished’, ‘z_offset_compatibility_mode’: True}

Explanation: Launch Mech-Viz project with the project path set to ‘xxxx’.

Standard Interface Section

1. Interface received command: 201.

Explanation: The standard interface received command 201.

2. setJ: [0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0], setL: None

Explanation: Sets the joint angles and tool pose (or flange pose if no tool is present) for the robot in Mech-Viz.

3. Interface sends status code: 2022

Explanation: The standard interface sends the status code 2022 in response.