Troubleshooting for Occasional Premature DI/DO Actions for ABB Robots in Master-Control

ABB robot, master control, occasional premature opening/closing of DIDO. (DIDO is opened/closed before the robot has completed moving to the previous waypoint.)

The STOP button on teach pendant was pressed first. At this time, the front-end program stopped, and then Mech-Viz stops, and command is sent to the robot from Mech-Viz. The robot reset in the background, but the front-end did not (because you stopped the front-end). As a result, the front-end did not reset correctly. The previously sent move IDs were not cleared, and when you resumed operation, the move IDs got mixed up.
In simple terms: Do not send commands while the front-end is stopped.

Preventive measures (correct operation):
Reset the front-end program of the ABB robot before running Mech-Viz. The specific steps are shown in the following diagram.