Why are there point cloud gaps when capturing images with cameras?

When obtaining camera data in Mech-Eye Viewer, it was noticed that both the depth map and the point cloud have missing points at the same locations. The expected result is a rectangular field of view, but due to these gaps, a corner of the rectangular field of view is missing. Marked as shown in the diagram below.

Completed inspection steps:

  1. The camera lens is not obstructed by a foreign object.
  2. The range of ROI and depth range settings in Mech-Eye Viewer are normal.
  3. The 2D ROI settings and 3D ROI settings in Mech-Vision projects are normal.

The point cloud is generated by the depth map, if the depth map is missing, the point cloud will also be missing; the range of the depth map is the cross field of view of the optical and 2D cameras, you can’t judge the range of the depth map by the field of view of the 2D camera only. You can right-click on the point cloud display screen and choose to display the frustum.

You can also observe whether the camera light transmission range covers the missing area. Check the camera’s intrinsic parameter as well to rule out camera hardware problems.
Usually, this is normal.