How to Resolve Camera Disconnection

Software Version: Mech-Eye Viewer 2.1.0

Camera Model and Firmware Version: Laser L 2.1.0

Cause of the Issue: The issue occurred after on-site power outage and subsequent restart. The system was previously operating normally during production.

Issue Description: The camera is offline, and Eye software cannot detect the camera. When starting the Mech-Vision project, it fails to establish a connection with the camera and generates an error.

Relevant Images for the Issue:



Attempted Solutions or Investigated Content Description:

Restarted the camera.
Restarted the industrial computer.
Configured the computer’s network card to use DHCP for automatic IP assignment.
Disabled the firewall.
Successfully pinged the camera.
Replaced the network port.
Tried using alternative camera software (MVS) for scanning, but the camera couldn’t be detected.
Configured the Ethernet port to support jumbo frames (9014 bytes).
Disabled power-saving features.

Hello, the camera requires some time to start up. You can trigger the camera to take a photo after the camera has started up and stabilized. Otherwise, it may report a camera disconnection. For troubleshooting other types of disconnections, please refer to another document in the community.