Mech-Mind Software Suite 1.7.2 Released

Release of Mech-Mind Software Suite 1.7.2


Installation guide

  • Please refer to Software Suite Installation Guide for detailed instructions.
  • CRC values of the installation package
    • .zip file CRC32 value: A70EFE1E
    • Installer CRC32 value: 0F850EC4
    • Content folder CRC32 checksum for data: AB86DDC3
  • CRC values of the Mech-Docs Installer: 0FC05AB9

Key features


  • “Medicine Boxes” scenario is added to the “Predict Pick Points V2” Step
  • “Deep Learning Model Package Management Tool” supports “Efficiency Configuration” of the model package inference
  • New Step “Deep Learning Model Package Inference”
  • New Step “Deep Learning Result Parser”


  • Simulating all planned waypoints
  • Support more Euler angle conventions


  • Standard Interface supports the “Mitsubishi MELSEC Protocol”
  • Standard Interface supports “UDP”
  • Standard Interface supports integration with ROKAE industrial robots, HYUNDAI industrial robots, and NACHI industrial robots
  • New URCap Plugin 1.5.0 for “PolyScope 6 System”
  • Standard Interface supports communication with AB PLC based on EtherNet/IP

Release notes