Mech-Eye SDK V2.1.0 released, with higher speed, enhanced interface functionality, and sharper point clouds


Mech-Eye SDK

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Mech-Eye API

Debian & Ubuntu

Nvidia Jetson Tx2 & Xavier

Installation guide

  • See the User Manual for detailed instructions.
  • CRC values of the installation package:
    • Mech-Eye SDK Installer 2.1.0 CRC32 value: B7A93102


  • Improved point cloud quality: the Point Cloud Processing parameters have been redesigned and can effectively remove outliers and noises while presevering the object edge information in the point cloud, improving point cloud quality.
  • Enhanced the functionality of interfaces:
    • Parameters used for hand-eye calibration are added to the GenICam interface and Mech-Eye API, and corresponding HALCON sample programs are provided. You can now perform hand-eye calibration directly with the interfaces.
    • Parameters for obtaining multi-part payload type data are added to the GenICam interface, and corresponding sample programs are provided. You can now easily obtain textured point clouds and depth maps that contain only the Z values.
  • A firmware upgrade tool is added. You can now upgrade the camera firmware without Mech-Eye Viewer.

Release notes

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