Is there any solution to Ambiguity in Deep Learning

The cardboard recognition deep learning model may identify one cardboard box as two, or two boxes as one. As shown in the image.


Is there any solution to this situation?

In most cases, iterating on a deep learning model for cardboard recognition that struggles to identify correctly can effectively improve the model’s accuracy. However, it’s important to note that iteration doesn’t guarantee a solution for all issues. In situations with severe “ambiguity,” even multiple iterations of the model may not ensure accurate recognition. The challenge with “ambiguity” in deep learning lies in the extreme similarity of features. Without additional information, the human eye cannot accurately discern the number of cardboard boxes. Fundamentally, deep learning struggles with such scenarios due to contradictory data.

In practical applications, if such a situation arises, addressing ambiguity is crucial. Below are some potential solutions:

  1. Adding Additional Information: Differentiate between a single large box and two small boxes by attaching additional information. For instance, use opaque tape to cover the central seam of the large box.

  2. Temporal Separation: Ensure that large and small boxes do not appear simultaneously. Although overall ambiguity remains, during individual unstacking processes, there is no ambiguity, allowing two separate models to handle each case.

  3. Establishing a Uniform Standard: Set a unified standard for recognition. For example, regardless of the actual box type, train the deep learning model to recognize all boxes as small boxes. However, this approach may result in gripping only half of a large box. Similarly, you can opt to recognize all boxes as large boxes, but this could involve grasping two small boxes at once.

The specific approach to adopt depends on the actual conditions of the environment. It’s important to understand that these solutions are compromises based on the premise that severe “ambiguity” fundamentally lacks a clear solution.